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Initial Consultation

Initial site meeting lasting up to 2 hours depending on the size of garden.  We discuss your brief, ideas and what you would like to achieve from your garden. We assess the garden focusing on levels, boundaries, orientation, privacy flow and solutions for practical things such as washing lines, sheds and bins. Following this meeting I write to you setting out the brief discussed and the design fee for your garden. Fees start at £500 depending on each individual garden.


Often if building work or planning permission has been granted then clients already have had a measured survey. If this isn't in place, then Kate and I will carry out a measured survey taking into account trees, manholes, boundaries and anything that will remain in the garden. On larger scale gardens with complex levels, we will recommend a professional Land Surveyor. Our fee as a guide for this service is £150.

First Stage Plans

Following drawing up the survey and working to your brief, we then draw up to four different designs for your garden. There will be no detail at this stage, more outline shapes and links. However there will be suggestions for trees, planting schemes and hard landscaping suggestions. You decide which design you like most and any elements you may like to swap or change. We will then draw up the final plans.

Finished Plans

This is the last stage of the design process when we present you with the finished design. This will have images of planting schemes, suggested trees, water features and pergolas etc. We will also supply samples of hard landscaping materials if necessary.

Project Managing

If required, we recommend landscaping contractors to undertake the hard landscaping. If you chose we can then manage the project, keeping in constant contact with all parties. Making regular site visits and inspecting the quality of work. Our fee is based on the time spent on site visits and managing phone calls emails etc. 

Planting Plans & Schemes

Some clients like to have detailed planting plans. Fees start at £300 depending on the size of garden. Your plan will include Latin plant names, pot sizes, mature sizes and quantities. This is often a useful option for clients who prefer to plant their own gardens.

Maintenance Plans

All gardens need maintenance as the plants ‘hopefully’ grow and flourish.  We can compile a detailed maintenance plan tailor-made to your new garden, which lists the needs and care for all of your new plants and nurturing of the soil.

Future Help and Advice

It is always a pleasure to be invited back to visit gardens in later years. Should you have any queries or need advice on plants or changing circumstances then we always on hand to help.

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