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Garden Design Surrey
Meet Jen and Kate


Jen Tyce and Kate Tatham design beautifully crafted garden living spaces for families and friends to enjoy.  Together they bring decades of experience to each and every project, from initial concept through to design, planting and maintenance. Wonderfully conceived and individually tailored outdoor areas, for families to spend quality times together relaxing, playing, growing, enjoying...

Some of our gardens


Visit the gallery page to see more examples of some of the gardens we have designed..

"No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden." 


Hugh Johnson

Garden Design Surrey
Garden Design Surrey

A good garden design can give you, your family and friends a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure.
By combining hard & soft landscaping, linking of your internal and external spaces, creating flow and focal points of interest through planting and structure. But most importantly by listening to and meeting the wants, needs and dreams of the client.


Choosing the right plants for each individual area will bring life to your garden through movement, form, texture and colour.
This can be achieved through understanding soil type, geographical situation and client’s lifestyle.



Gardens need time to establish and will need nurturing throughout this process. We are always on hand to give advice and re-visit on a consultancy basis.


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